Cómo rootear el Galaxy Nexus con un solo clic

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Unlocking, rooting, relocking and unrooting simplified!

VERSION 1.3 – This program contains all the files you need to unlock and root your device, or flash it back to stock and re-lock it. You can also use this program to backup all your user apps, system apps, and app data, and easily restore them later in one click; you can flash or boot any img files you wan’t to any partition on your device; as well as flash any current or future stock android release, making updating your device as easy as can be; and now with the latest release (v1.3)  you can configure your drivers automatically.

There is now one universal version that works for both Verizon (CDMA) and GSM models. 

~ my goal for this project is make the entire process as smooth and simple as possible ~

Feature breakdown

System Variables

  • Ask the end-user if they wan’t to update their systems path variable to point to adb for global use (from the cmd prompt)
  • This is an optional step.


This will automatically:

  • Install the “Verizon_Wireless_I515_Galaxy_Nexus_USB_Driver_v1.4.6.0.exe”
  • Attempt to install the drivers automatically using pnputil or devcon depending on the users system.
  • Provide the end user detailed instructions for manually configuring their drivers.
  • Driver configuration is a two step manual process:
    • Your device has to be configured once when its ON and again when its in BOOTLOADER
    • You have to manually configure these drivers through device manager.
    • Follow the onscreen instructions for driver configuration, or refer to manual driver configuration for more details.


This will automatically:

  • This will unlock your device which will also inexorably factory reset your device.
    • Factory resting means that, ALL your user app settings and files will be erased.
    • So… please take the steps necessary to preserver your important data.
      • I recommend backing up all your picture, music files, and such manually by just:
        • Plugging your device into your computer and using drag and drop to copy them over
      • Then use the backup feature of the toolkit to make a full backup of your apps and settings
        • See “backup and restore”


This will automatically:

  • Push su.zip (Superuser.apk) to your sdcard
  • Flash clockwork mod (this is specific to your device model; ie CDMA version vs. GSM version)
  • Provide on screen instructions for completing the rooting procedure
  • Launch a script which automatically enters adb shell commands to rename the file “recovery-from-boot.p” to “recovery-from-boot.p.bak” in order to ensure permanent clockwork

Flash Stock + Unroot:

This will automatically:

  • Download the latest 4.02 android release for your specific model (CDMA/LTE vs GSM/HSPA+)
  • Hashcheck the resulting download once it’s finished to verify the files integrity. If it passes:
  • Extract the .tgz factory image package in the proper manner to a specific sub directory in your GnexToolkit folder
  • Flash the stock images to your device in a highly controlled and ordered fashion.
  • Allow you to bypass the download and extract phase in the future if you have already done it before
  • Allow you to point the program to ANY android factory image package, and let the program take care of the rest
  • This process also includes a user input box governed hashcheck verification step to ensure the files integrity.
  • Has an option to start the flashstock process from bootloader mode incase the user is bricked and can’t boot ups charged first!
  • Flashing stock will also inexorably unroot your device.

OEM lock:

This will automatically:

  • Re-lock your device back to original equipment manufacture specifications.
    • You must use the “flash stock + unroot” feature first before being able to use this option successfully.

Backup Apps + Data:

This will automatically:

  • Initiate a backup of all your apps and app data
    • User will be prompted to enter a password on there device to protect their backup file
    • Once the backup is complete it will be stored on the users computer in the directory:
      • And the file name will automatically be generated as the date and time the backup was made
    • Note: this does not backup all of your SDcards contents: So its up to the end-user to backup any picture or music files they have.
      • This only backs up apps + app data
    • The user is given the option to backup system apps as well

Restore Apps + Data:

This will automatically:

  • Initiates a customized browse to file window which asks you to locate the android backup files (*.ab) you would like to restore
    • This browse to file window automatically defaults to the proper location of your backups
      • Wugs_GnexRootToolkit\nexusbackup
  • Once the user selects the backup file, the program will automatically initiate a restore operation
    • User will be prompted to enter the password they set in order to restore their file
      • When the correct password is entered the file will be restore.

Quick tools:

  • Provides the end user an easy one click method for rebooting their device
  • Rebooting their device into bootloader mode, and checking if their device is recognized.

Flash to partition:

  • Provides the end user an easy one click method for flashing any img file to any partition on their device
  • Is designed to make modding on the nexus as simple as selecting the file you wan’t to flash and pressing ok
  • Has the option to boot img files as well, to try them out temporarily before flashing them permanently
  • More info here: flash-to-partition


  • Do not plug in your device until this program prompts you too!
  • Install the program by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe
    • This will extract the contents to %HOMEDRIVE%\Wugs_GnexRootToolkit
    • Place a shortcuts on your Desktop
    • Launch the program for first use
  • Use the “Drivers” option to make sure all your drivers get configured properly.
    • This is a crucial step. Nothing else will work otherwise, so make sure your drivers are properly configured before you try doing anything else with this program.
    • Follow the onscreen driver instructions carefully and you should have no problems.
  • Use the “Backup Apps + Data” if you want to preserve your apps and settings for restoration after you unlock and root.
  • Then use the “Unlock” to unlock and the “Root” to root… Tada! Enjoy your unlocked and rooted device. ^_^
  • Then whenever you need to go back to square one just use the “Flash stock + Unroot” and “OEM lock” features.
    • Remember that this option can also be used if you completely brick.
    • This should bring you back to a fully locked stock factory state.


GnexRootToolkit.v1.3.sfx.exe [Mirror 1] [Mirror 2]
File size: 40.5 MB MB
CRC-32: 60173e80
MD4: ce769bb081167b821b02518f49cb9374
MD5: ae6dda67dc46026cd1684464137ecbc8
SHA-1: 20e0f5cdacd2e7a970a1a6be2d87c1d08c938c5e
Need a simple way to validate checksums? I recommend: http://code.kliu.org/hashcheck/



  • Droid Life for their great instructions!
  • Google for being pwn and making android.
  • Koush for making Clockwork Mod
  • mskip for information on Devcon.exe on XP
  • copkay for his great guide on making backups
  • WugFresh (thats me!) ^_^

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