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How to make a Sd-ext Partition

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How to make a Sd-ext Partition

If you phone uses TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) recovery mode then you can follow this tutorial to make SD-ext Partition of your phone.

Make a Sd-ext Partition

Benefits of Sd-ext Partition: Low internal memory annoy users. The sd-ext partition is a type of partition, which can be used instead of the internal memory of your phone. So It means that all of your system files will be sent to your sd-ext partition not only that but all the apps which you install in the phone will also be transferred automatically to the sd-ext partition.

So that solves your internal memory problem. There are many different ways of making a sd-ext partition but we have made the process very simple for you. Just follow the below given steps properly.

  1. Copy all of your sd card data to your computer for a while. You have to do this because your sd card will be formatted.
  2. Go into the recovery mode (we are using twrp recovery mode. It is recommended to use that).
  3. In the twrp recovery press the “Advanced” button. Then press Partition Sd-card. At least 1GB partition is required. So set the EXT size to 1024 or higher if you want more memory in your SD-EXT partition. Set swap size to 0 and swipe the button to partition your sd card.
  4. After your phone finishes the partitioning process press the home button of your phone and press mount. From there press Mount USB Storage then connect your phone to your PC. You will get your memory card their transfer the backup of your card. If you don’t want to do that you can just boot your phone and transfer your files, as you usually prefer.
  5. Done you have successfully created a SD-ext partition. If you are using roms which do not require sd-ext it doesn’t mean that the sd-ext partition is no use to you. It’s still very useful because you can use it as your internal memory on almost every rom. If you are using a rom which doesn’t already supports a sd-ext partition then you can install the app “Mounts to sd” from Play Store and it will transfer all of your apps to the sd-ext partition.