Web development for beginners

Publicado: 10 de octubre de 2012 en DesarrolloWeb

Fuente: Desarrolloweb

Enlace: http://www.webplatform.org/



This set of articles is for complete beginners to work through in confidence, building up their essential skills at the beginning of the journey to becoming a web designer or developer.

Before you start1 comment

In this course, you’ll be writing a lot of code, and testing it out in web browsers. Before you start, you should at least have the following installed:

  1. The newest browsers you are able to install. If you don’t have them already, grab them from the homepages of [Firefox], [Opera], [Safari], [Chrome], and [Internet Explorer].
  2. A decent text editor. Reasonable free options are [Notepad++] for Windows, [Text Wrangler], for Mac, and [Bluefish] for Linux. Another one is [Sublime Text] which runs on all platforms.

Now roll your sleeves up and let’s get ready to learn. [Browse our full list of learning articles] if you exhaust the list of articles here, and want to learn more!

Web fundamentals

HTML — structuring your web content

CSS — styling your web content

JavaScript — adding dynamic behaviour to your websites

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